Often, homeowners are surprised to find that there are more options for guiding water out of a gutter than just using a downspout. In reality, there are a few options for your gutter drainage that you could choose from. One of these options is a rain gutter chain, which can be a beautiful addition to a home in place of a traditional downspout. Trademark Seamless RainGutters has what you need. At Trademark, we offer the best in rain gutter chain installation. With many options and services across the country, our family-owned and operated business prides itself on customer service and quality work.

What Are Gutter Chains?

Gutter chains are an alternative to downspouts and offer a more aesthetically pleasing option. They originated in Japan and were originally called kusari-doi, which literally translates to “chain gutter”. They are used in the same way as downspouts by redirecting the water from the gutter to the ground in a waterfall effect. There are many options for rain chains, meaning you can choose the look of yours based on personal preference. They are made of different materials, but the most common are copper, aluminum, and steel. 

Benefits of Gutter Chains

Installing a rain gutter chain can offer your home many great benefits. They last a long time and are a beautiful alternative to a downspout. With roots in Japan that date back thousands of years, it’s no wonder that they are a popular choice for a home. Still not convinced? Here are five reasons:

  1. They look beautiful: One of the biggest benefits of a rain gutter chain is the overall aesthetic. Unlike a clunky downspout, a rain chain can offer decoration to a home in a myriad of different options. Rain chains can be bought in many colors and materials, making them a beautiful alternative to downspouts.
  2. They sound beautiful: Rain chains don’t just look beautiful; they sound beautiful, too. If you like how the trickle of a creek or waterfall sounds, installing a rain gutter chain can offer a similar sound on a rainy day. A downspout, on the other hand, offers a canned, metallic sound that is not as pleasing to the ear, making a rain gutter chain the better choice in this regard. 
  3. They do the same work as a downspout: Sometimes in order to beautify, there needs to be a compromise on quality. This is not the case for a rain gutter chain; they are just as effective as a downspout while offering a more unique look to your home. Because water is adhesive, it clings to the chain as it runs downward, making a chain as effective as a downspout.
  4. They are less likely to clog: Because the water does not move through the chain in the same way as a downspout, a rain gutter chain is less likely to be clogged with leaves and debris. While it is possible for a rain gutter chain to be clogged at the opening of the gutter that dispenses the water, there are tools for preventing this such as leaf and debris guards.
  5. They are affordable: Rain gutter chains are one of the more affordable home upgrades you can purchase. They are often made with simple materials and are easy to install, making them a popular choice for beautifying a home. They can cost anywhere from a couple of dollars to a few hundred depending on the manufacturer, materials, and quality.
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Rain Gutter Chain Styles

Rain gutter chains come in all shapes and sizes depending on where you find them. The two most common styles, however, are cup or link styles. Both styles will offer effective drainage for your home, but in an area with more frequent or heavy rain, a cup style rain chain might be the best bet, because it can hold more water. You can find rain gutter chains in a variety of materials like copper, aluminum, glass, wood, and more. They can be bought or made at home for a more personalized look. Rain chains can direct water into a basin, french drain, rain barrel, or even a planter. For the most part, the final look is up to you!

Our Seamless Services

Everyone’s home is as unique as they are. Whether you’re looking for new seamless gutters, taking down old ones, hanging a rain chain, or anything else, we can help. That’s why we offer so many different services and are flexible to fit your ideas when and where you need them. At Trademark Seamless RainGutters, our services include:

  • Old gutter removal
  • Residential gutter installation
  • Commercial gutter installation
  • Custom designs
  • Rain chain and barrel installation
  • Copper and decorative half round options
  • Leaf protection
  • Clean outs

The Trademark Difference

Sometimes it can be hard to tell one company from the next but we know what sets us apart from the rest. We started with nothing more than a single gutter machine and the desire to create a company that people could rely on for quality work and an emphasis on customer service. So many contractors we hired and worked with failed to follow through and communicate or took weeks to hear back from. Their work was average and if mistakes were made no one seemed to care. We wanted to be different and more than anything we wanted to provide a better experience for the community. To learn more about how Trademark Seamless RainGutters can help you, call us today at 214.235.7817 for a free quote.